Marx = Next Generation of Abrahamic Faith? (not meant seriously)

just began skimming the highly recommended article (highly recommended = gregor recommended), Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth, and in my swirling, wine-stirred mind I wondered if in fact Marxism responds to an understanding of what the economics of the spiritual man might be.  Marx was very much influenced by Hegel and spent much of his early scholarship studying and adapting Hegel, in fact “turning Hegel on his head” (check out Marx’ essay on the Philosophy of Right (or it may have been of History for the quote). Hegel’s scholarship in many ways extended from a Christian movement (Wikipedia Leibniz if you don’t believe me) that began to conceptualize Christianity in a less literal, less dogmatic way. Hegel’s ideal world, and what he predicted man was working towards (while in many ways skewed towards his love of monarchy), was a humanity so interconnected that the top enlightened man could understand what is best for society as a whole and govern. Marx, while he may have denounced religion as some ‘bourgeois manipulation’, may have continued Hegel’s scholarship of imagining what the world would be if everyone reached their most enlightened movement – for Hegel, it was the appropriate place in the society and in line with perhaps religiously led societal places and for Marx, it was a unveiling of the truth.

so back to the paper — perhaps Marx’ and socialism’s failure in economics is not indicative of the fact that Marx did not understand human nature so much as his optimism that humanity could reach a deeper spiritual level…..

Ok so logic shortcut here: Hegel (let’s make Christianity more spiritual but still very much influenced by social order) –> Marx (everyone recognizes that they are all part of one unit and can understand one another entirely) ==> very similar to buddhist/hindu spirituality.

Clincher: Marx = next Christian Prophet?

I swear I’ll actually read the rest of the paper but I only have so much time to excuse my whimsical Marxist thoughts with my college student status.

(Special Thanks to Sam Harris’ End of Faith, a book I almost completely disagree with but which contained (for me, unsuccessfully) compelling logical musings that partially inspired these thoughts – see his last chapter before epilogue on Western Spirituality). Obvious potential problem with the argument(above not his)  –> less dogmatic, world vision of how Christianity explains the world = buddhist/hindu spirituality? )

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