Clandestine Catholic Women’s….recipes

Clandestine Catholic Women’s Recipes Balaka Boma, Malawi, Summer 2011 (Catholic Women’s is the name of the hostel I stayed in for 2 weeks while in Balaka)

 1.Nutty Lemoney Egglant Dish

 Ingredients:  1 eggplant  ¼ African Cabbage  Green Peppers  Carrots  Lots of Garlic (=2-3 American Cloves of Garlic)  Ground Nut Flour  Wine  ½ African Lemon  Onions  Water  4-5 table spoons Chutney

Directions: 1. Heat Lots of Garlic and Onion in Oil 2. Add Eggplant 3. Add a little bit of water to quicken Eggplant cook pace 4. Add Cabbage 5. mix 6. add rest of vegetables 7. add Ground nut flour 8. add lemon 9. Add salt 10. add chutney 11. add a bit of achaar to taste 12. after eggplant is cooked, add wine (about 3 pepto-bismo liquid tops) 13. let wine cook out 14. Stir vigorously, the way Malawians walk.

2. Fruit Curry

 Ingredients:  2 Marulas  1 Apple (can also be replaced by pineapple)  1 Banana  ¼ Papaya (if too dry, can add wine for more sauce)  ¼ Lemon  1 African Onion (smaller)  1 tablespoon Achaar  2 tablespoons Ginger Nali  Curry Powder  Raisins  Salt

Notes: Best served over Taro and followed by dessert, Custard Fruit. Also good with basmati rice.

3. Malawi Salad

Ingredients:  Pineapple or Oranges cut small  Cabbage – cut thin and small  Raw green beans  Carrots  Green Peppers  Not a large enough amount of tomato to overpower  Lemon Juice  Salt and Pepper

 4. No-Bake Peanut-Raisin Oatmeal Cookies 

Ingredients:  “Butter” ½ cup – Honey or Sugar (4 cups) – Raisins (to taste) – 1 cup NIDO (or NIDO and Rooibos) – Jungle Oats (6 cups) – Peanut butter (to taste) – sliced snicker bar on top

Directions: Melt butter, NIDO, and Sugar together When boiling, add peanut butter Then add oats Stir – when sort of hardened, make them into cookie shapes!

 5. No Power No Water (except for a quarter –full Nalgene) salad

Ingredients: inner parts of the cabbage – can of tuna – Ginger Nali (too much will make the salad difficult to eat without water) – raisins – water bottle rinsed tomato – carrot (shave off the outside) – onion

 6. Malawi Mango Cocktail –

Ingredients: Cool Rooibos tea – Mango Juice – Malawi Gin Directions: Mix to taste

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