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Questions I want to know the answer to

What drives people to action?
Do people with a keen sense of network benefits really spend time(hour+) preparing for informal lunch meetings with people but not their homework? Where did they learn (and get the cultural discipline) to do that?
Does the preference to help other communities, when in fact there are communities that are physical health wise or financially less fortunate their ourselves, stem from the fact that it means not having to deal with complex problems around us and/or because we can deal with these problems in abstract, or at the very least, “non-life” way. Does the fear of being parochial, in this age of cosmopolitan, mean we have spent less time molding and thus preparing ourselves to deal with the real, messy problems that surround us?
“life got in the way” — what does that mean? As if Life were everything keeping you away from your goals. What a weird separation?


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